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3 Big Benefits Of Adult Day Health Care Services

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Caring for an elderly family member, especially one with Alzheimer's disease, another form of dementia, or chronic health issues, is hard work. For many people, it is a round-the-clock job, requiring their attention 24-7. Unfortunately, the stressful nature of this task can take its toll on the caregiver. Thankfully, adult day health care facility services exist to provide respite care and reduce the drain many caregivers feel. Here are three advantages of utilizing an adult daycare facility.

An Adult Day Health Care Facility Provides A Break

It's not just the caregiver who needs a break from their charge, the charge needs a break from their caregiver as well. Tensions can run high in caregiver-patient relationships, especially in families.

For example, many older adults are frustrated not only with their lessening abilities but the role reversal that can occur. Parents and adult children find their relationship shifting. No longer is the parent telling their child what to do; instead, the adult child is telling their parent what to do. This can be awkward for the adult child and feel like disrespect to the parent. An adult day health care facility gives each party some much-needed separation.

An Adult Day Health Care Facility Provides Social Activities

While the majority of senior citizens prefer to age-in-place at home rather than move to a residential assisted living facility, staying home can become quite isolating. Even with the near-constant presence of their caregiver, opportunities to socialize are few and far between. Caregivers are busy fulfilling the duties of the massive responsibility that comes with caring for another person. When they aren't busy with meeting the hygiene and medical needs of the person they are caring for, they are tending to household tasks such as cleaning and cooking, paying the bills, and transporting their loved one to and from doctor appointments.

This results in the person they are caring for with a lot of time spent just sitting, sleeping, or watching television. A lot of research has been done on the importance of socialization in the elderly, particularly those who have already been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Research also shows socialization can prevent these conditions. Adult day health care facilities provide the opportunity for senior citizens to get out of the house and be around their peers and engage in activities such as crafts, gardening, dancing, and holiday parties or other celebrations.

An Adult Day Health Care Facility Provides Health Care Services

No need to worry if Mom or Dad will receive their medications on time, get toileting help, or have their blood pressure regularly checked while they aren't in your care. Adult daycare facilities are equipped to meet these needs. Some provide other services as well, such as pedicures and manicures.

For more information, contact a company like San Diego Family Circle Adult Day Health Center today.


26 July 2019