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I developed intense heartburn during my second pregnancy. I tried every pregnancy-safe home remedy I could find and nothing seemed to work. I was hopeful that once my daughter was born, it would improve. When it didn't, I spent a lot of time working with an internal medicine specialist and researching remedies online. I've found many different things that help in different ways. I decided to create this site to document the solutions that I've found and help others to find a way to manage their chronic heartburn as well. If you're struggling with persistent heartburn, I hope this information helps you find relief.

Benefits Of Working As A Travel Nurse

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While individuals often assume that they will have to work in a local hospital or doctor's office, nurses have other opportunities that they can also pursue. In particular, working as a travel nurse can be a rewarding opportunity for a number of reasons.

Work In New And Exciting Places

Travel nurses will work on a temporary basis. As a result, they will find that they can be assigned to extremely diverse geographic regions. This can be an ideal option for individuals that have always wanted to travel or that otherwise prefer a work environment that is dynamic and regularly changing. For those that work in the nursing profession, there can be no other option that can be better suited to meeting these personal preferences without changing careers.

Enjoy Higher Earnings

A unique benefit that travel nurses enjoy can be higher earnings relative to their colleagues with similar credentials and experience. This is due to the fact that travel nurses are often hired by facilities and organizations that are facing an acute shortage of nurses. As a result, they will be able to command higher wages. The exact wages will vary based on the contract and other factors. However, travel nurses also have the unique ability to be able to accept or reject these job offers so that they can have more freedom to pick the offer that meets their preferences.

Rapidly Gain Experience

Due to their work environments, travel nurses will be in a position to be able to rapidly gain practical experience. For those that are wanting to specialize in a particular field or that are wanting to rapidly advance through their career, this experience can be vital for bolstering resumes as well as providing practical knowledge and skills. Individuals that are wanting to move into management may be able to leverage the insights that they gain from working with a wide variety of management staffs and systems.

Steady Work Placement

Due to the fact that travel nurses work on a contract basis, individuals may be hesitant about considering this career option. This can be the result of assuming that obtaining these contracts can be extremely difficult. However, it is common for travel nurses to work for placement agencies. These agencies will provide the nurses with a regular stream of job offers. This can help ensure that travel nurses stay busy. These agencies will charge a small fee, but this can be a minor price for avoiding the need to apply for positions and negotiate the terms of the employment contracts yourself.

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8 December 2018