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Signs And Treatment Options For Adolescent Drug Addiction

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Parenting a teenager can be challenging at times. Not only will you battle their constant mood swings due to raging hormones, but you also need to worry about their underlying health and wellness. Unfortunately, many teens today are struggling with substance abuse and addiction that can be life-threatening. As a matter of fact, the number of teens who overdosed has actually doubled from 1999 to 2015. Because of this risk, understanding the signs of drug addiction is imperative for protecting your teen. This guide will help you learn the signs and treatment options for teens with a drug addiction.

Signs of Drug Addiction

It is normal for teenagers to feel moody and irritable at times. In addition, many teens isolate themselves, spending most of their time at home in their room. However, excessive mood changes, anger and irritability, and withdrawal from friends, family, and favorite interests, hobbies, and sports may be a sign your teen is abusing drugs.

If your teen is addicted to drugs, you may see a decline in their grades, since they will lack the motivation and energy needed to study, complete projects and homework, or even attend school at all.

If your teen is using drugs, they may have a new group of friends who share an interest in drugs. Your teen may start staying out late, missing curfew, or sneaking around like they are hiding things.

As a parent, you have the right to search their room and belongings to determine if they are using drugs. Make sure to look under clothes in the bottom of their drawers, in backpacks and handbags, in closets, and inside the pockets of pants and jackets.

Check texts, emails, and voicemails on their phones, as well. You can also log into their social media accounts to read messages and posts from their friends. This will give you an idea of whether they are using drugs and where they may be getting them from.

Lastly, teens may show physical signs of drug addiction. Their eyes may be red, and their pupils will be dilated when they are "high." Your teen may also appear overly tired or overly energized at times, depending on what drug they are abusing.

Treating Adolescent Drug Addiction

If your teen is addicted to drugs, it is important to talk to medical professionals. Counseling sessions, with and without your entire family, can be helpful. This therapy will help your teen cope with stress and anxiety in a healthier manner.

If your teen is severely ill due to their drug addiction, or you feel they a danger to others or themselves, they may benefit from a stay in a drug addiction treatment facility for an extended period of time.

Teen drug addiction should be taken seriously. This guide will help you learn the signs and treatment options if your teenager is abusing or addicted to drugs. 


4 May 2018