Give Heartburn The Heave-Ho: Tips For Easing Discomfort

I developed intense heartburn during my second pregnancy. I tried every pregnancy-safe home remedy I could find and nothing seemed to work. I was hopeful that once my daughter was born, it would improve. When it didn't, I spent a lot of time working with an internal medicine specialist and researching remedies online. I've found many different things that help in different ways. I decided to create this site to document the solutions that I've found and help others to find a way to manage their chronic heartburn as well. If you're struggling with persistent heartburn, I hope this information helps you find relief.

Ultrasounds & Their Many Uses as a Diagnostic Tool

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Often we hear the word ultrasound and we think of pregnancy and grainy pictures of a baby as they are growing and developing. New parents love to have these pictures to share with family and friends, and while this is one great use of ultrasound technology, it is by far not the only way it is used. In fact, there are many uses for an ultrasound as a diagnostic tool to help doctors see something that they might only be able to see with surgery otherwise.

What Is an Ultrasound?

Ultrasound technology has been used for many years. It uses high-frequency sound waves to form an image of the tissue in a way that shows specific characteristics that can not be seen with traditional radiology or x-rays. An ultrasound can help determine the density of tissue, what it is made up of, and can be helpful for measuring the size and shape of an object in the body. The procedure is far less invasive than surgery and provides doctors with the information needed to better treat their patients.

Ultrasounds and Pregnancy

The use of ultrasounds for monitoring a babies growth and development in utero has been used for many years. In recent years 3d and even 4d ultrasounds have become available that offer the expectant parents and the doctors some of the clearest pictures of a baby before birth. The purpose is to determine if the baby is developing correctly, has any birth defects that could cause complications during birth, and to help determine the size of the baby. If a doctor believes there may be a complication with the baby, regular ultrasounds can be used to monitor the condition of the baby and the soundwaves used will not hurt or affect the baby or the mother over time. Because it is safe and effective, it is often the best option in these cases.

Ultrasounds for Detecting Cancer

Often when an unknown mass is discovered in the body and the doctor needs a better look at what it is, they may order an ultrasound of the area involved. Because this technology can be used to determine tissue density and makeup, it is a good place to start. There are some limitations with ultrasounds and times when it is not the best option. For instance, bones can block the sound waves, making it hard to get a picture an object behind them. In some cases, the ultrasound can be performed internally if a picture of a structure is needed that can not be reached any other way. If a mass or suspected tumor can be examined with an ultrasound, it may save the patient from having to have surgery or other invasive procedures.

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3 April 2018