Give Heartburn The Heave-Ho: Tips For Easing Discomfort

I developed intense heartburn during my second pregnancy. I tried every pregnancy-safe home remedy I could find and nothing seemed to work. I was hopeful that once my daughter was born, it would improve. When it didn't, I spent a lot of time working with an internal medicine specialist and researching remedies online. I've found many different things that help in different ways. I decided to create this site to document the solutions that I've found and help others to find a way to manage their chronic heartburn as well. If you're struggling with persistent heartburn, I hope this information helps you find relief.

2 Ways To Reduce The Frustrating Side-Effects Of Menopause

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Are you going through menopause? If so, it may be difficult for you to deal with the many changes your body is likely going through right now. There are several side effects of menopause that you may experience regularly, such as chronic fatigue, random hot flashes, mood swings, and even depression. Although menopause is different for each woman, most women can agree that it's frustrating to deal with the side effects that come along with it. However, there are some things you can do to reduce some of these side effects and genuinely feel better.  

1. Start Taking Daily Vitamins

If you're not already taking a daily vitamin, now is a good time for you to start. There are plenty of different vitamins on the market, but the options containing both B12 and folic acid are best for women going through menopause. Taking these daily vitamins could improve your mood, leave you feeling less stressed than before, and give you the energy you need so you're not always feeling tired. It's hard when you want to stay up to get things done, but your body is telling you that you need to sleep so much. If you want natural energy without relying on so much caffeine to keep you up, taking a daily vitamin is the perfect solution.

2. Consider Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Once a woman starts going through menopause, her hormone levels begin dropping. Due to hormone levels dropping, some women experience thinning of the hair and a lower sex drive than normal. Identical hormone replacement therapy is available for women who want to put a stop to these side effects and live life the way they once did. This type of therapy may help women balance out those hormones so that the unwanted side effects stop.

When you're dealing with low levels of progesterone and even testosterone, you're going to feel a bit more sluggish than someone who isn't dealing with low hormone levels. Undergoing this form of therapy could give you the energy you want and need while reducing the number of hot flashes you experience and helping you get your sex drive back. If it's something you're interested in trying, make sure to talk to your physician or a company like Camelback Compounding Pharmacy about this therapy and how it may benefit you.

Going through menopause is often difficult for women because they're going through so many changes that could make them feel like they're not themselves anymore. If this is the way you're feeling, you may want to start taking daily vitamins and talking to your physician about identical hormone replacement therapy. There are options available to help improve the way you feel while reducing the number of menopause side effects you'll experience.


2 December 2017