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Is Your Headache Caused By Increased Intracranial Pressure?

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Are you suffering from a chronic headache that just won't go away with your pain treatment? Then there is a chance that you are suffering from increased intracranial pressure. If your headache medicines don't help your severe head pain, go see a doctor right away if you think you are suffering from this problem.

The Nature Of This Problem

Increased intracranial pressure occurs when a person suffers from one or more of several different health problems. These include a brain tumor, a head injury, meningitis, or even a stroke. It is a very serious concern that can be deadly when not treated successfully. It can cause the brain to swell up and suffer from severe damage or pressure.

Often, the symptoms of this concern don't occur until it has become a serious concern. However, there are also some warning symptoms that this problem is starting. These include a chronic and severe headache that fails to go away with pain treatment.

Symptoms Of This Concern

While a headache by itself is not likely a symptom of this problem, it can be when paired with other problems. These included seriously blurred vision, vomiting, a lack of alertness, poor energy, weakness, and severe vomiting. These symptoms usually occur as the pressure on the brain increases and causes increased pain throughout the body.

However, there is a chance that these symptoms could also be related to a health concern like a flu or severe cold. That's why it is important to track the nature of your chronic headache and to do what you can to manage the pain. Only when these treatments fail should you rush to the doctor and get tested and treated for this concern.

When Normal Pain Treatments Don't Work

There are several ways that you can try to manage your headache before getting treated for intracranial pressure concerns. These include various meditation methods, medications, yoga, and even exercise. Severe headaches may require some rest in a quiet and dark room for a few hours. If your symptoms start to get better, there is a chance you aren't suffering from a more severe problem.

However, if they stay the same or gradually get worse, it is crucial to take steps right away to get this problem managed. Even if you aren't suffering from a problem this severe, there is a chance you may have another health issue. Pain treatments for these problems can help you live a happy and healthy life without the fear of serious medical concerns. Contact a clinic, like Regional Pain Care, for more help.


28 October 2017