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Noticing Mild To Moderate Hearing Loss? Is It Aging Or Something Else?

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If you've noticed yourself asking others to repeat themselves more often or even missing entire pieces of conversations if you're not looking directly at the person speaking, you may wonder whether this slight loss in hearing is simply attributable to the aging process or a sign of something more treatable. In many cases, hearing loss may be caused by an easily-resolved ailment or physical condition, so visiting your primary care physician or an audiologist can provide you with some actionable answers. Read on to learn more about two common conditions that can cause temporary hearing loss, as well as what you can do to treat them.

Ear wax buildup

Although few—if any—doctors will recommend sticking a cotton swab in your ear canal to remove wax, instead cautioning to use these swabs only on the outside of the ear, many people persist in this behavior. Over time, this will compress wax together and force it deep into your ear canal, where it may muffle your hearing. This ear wax clog can also trap moisture, creating the aural sensation of speaking and hearing underwater. 

Because earwax builds up so slowly, it can be easy to mistake muffled hearing caused by ear wax blockage for muffled hearing caused by age. By visiting your primary care doctor and having your ears examined, you'll be able to have any clogs physically removed or flushed out with water, restoring your hearing and improving your overall ear health. Those who tend to produce large quantities of ear wax may opt to have their ears irrigated once or twice per year to prevent harder-to-remove clogs from forming in the future. 

Sinus infection

Even if you don't have any noticeable sinus symptoms—like a runny nose, cough, or pain and pressure in your sinus cavities—a loss of hearing can sometimes indicate an untreated sinus infection. These infections are created when bacteria enter the "closed loop" of your sinuses and mix with mucus drainage or other moisture to create a breeding ground for other bacteria. 

While this bacteria growth can often cause pain and pressure, in some cases, sinus infections are latent and relatively symptom-free. However, even the most latent sinus infection is likely to cause fluid buildup near your ear canals, which can muffle sound and limit your ability to hear soft voices. By taking a course of antibiotics, you're likely to send this infection packing and restore your hearing within just a few days of treatment. 

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5 October 2017