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I developed intense heartburn during my second pregnancy. I tried every pregnancy-safe home remedy I could find and nothing seemed to work. I was hopeful that once my daughter was born, it would improve. When it didn't, I spent a lot of time working with an internal medicine specialist and researching remedies online. I've found many different things that help in different ways. I decided to create this site to document the solutions that I've found and help others to find a way to manage their chronic heartburn as well. If you're struggling with persistent heartburn, I hope this information helps you find relief.

Deciding On Which Hearing Aid To Purchase

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If you have had a hearing test and are a candidate for hearing aids, you will need to decide what type of aid you wish to use. There are several different models and brands available, all with different benefits. The type of hearing aid you decide on will depend on which aspect means the most to you: comfort, look, or efficiency. Here are some of the different types of hearing aids available to help you in your quest for the hearing aid you desire.

Behind The Ear

A behind-the-ear hearing aid is one of the largest hearing aids available. It is definitely going to be seen, as it is a rather large apparatus. It fits inside of your ear and has a piece that fits over your ear to keep it into place. These are custom-made to fit your particular ear, and are quite durable, making them a good choice if you do not want to be sticking things way into your ear or if you are scared of breaking the piece. Mini, behind-the-ear hearing aids are a smaller version. They are not made from a mold as the larger units are, and they use ear buds instead.

Receiver In Canal 

This type of hearing aid consists of a small, custom-molded piece or an ear bud that fits inside the ear. It is connected to a wire that holds the amplifier and microphone, which is placed behind your ear. It is much smaller in size than the behind-the-ear model, and it produces a crisp, clear sound. You will not need to worry about tiny pieces to stick inside your ear, and it is less noticeable but not invisible.

In The Ear

This type of hearing aid is placed inside the ear and does not have a piece going behind your ear to keep it in place. It is a custom-made piece, but it can be seen in the ear area. There are volume controls right on the piece, allowing for easy adjustment.

In The Canal

There are several hearing aids available that fit in the canal of your ear. They range in size, from right inside the canal where you would be able take it out easily, to deep in the canal where they are almost undetectable to others. The smaller the hearing aid, the more difficult it is to adjust the sound or remove it from your ear. 

Talk with an audiology center, such as Audiology Consultants, P.C., to find the hearing aid right for you. 


12 December 2014